Adam Mcdowell Tree Service - Adam Mcdowell - Asked for Payment Upfront, Took off

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Adam Mcdowell Tree Services - Vancouver Washington Is a Rip Off ***-artist

Do not use this guy! He will rip you off! He will request half of the money upfront, then *** after only doing minimal work (less than 1 hour). You will never see your money or this A$$ Hat again…

I attempted to use him to remove a tree, however all he did was cut a couple of branches, then took off saying he would return the next day. He has never returned. In His return calls, he would say that "something came up" and he would come back.

Monetary Loss: $200.



Consider: You accepted and cashed his refund check, therefore you have not paid him at all for the work he did. He also trimmed shrubs for you, again, free.

This seems to leave you wide open for a libel suit. The power of social media and a canceled check are strong evidence.

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